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Many companies have claimed they invented the personal computer, but Appleā€™s claims have more credibility than most. The company was launched in California in 1976 and was run by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak , who invented all of its early computers including the famous Apple II. Today it is one of the largest Consumer Electronics businesses in the world, re-energized when Steve Jobs became CEO again in 1998. Jobs engineered redesigns for the Mac Computer range, and went on to launch the iPod, the iTunes music store and software, the iPhone, the first smartphone App Store and the iPad tablet. These have led to Apple becoming a household name around the world. The company now designs its own core processing chips and writes most of its own software and has built its reputation on original design, being first to widely use technology such as touch screens; for simplifying user interfaces; and for boldly buying up lines of supply with billion dollar pre-purchases, such as flash memory and high definition LCD screens.

Apple buys brace of mapping companies

22 July, 2013

With iOS Maps still trailing Google's rival, vendor boosts public transit data with HopStop and big data with Locationary

Apple and Intel shop for motion control in Israel

16 July, 2013

Intel reported to have acquired Omek Interactive, while Apple is said to be in talks with Kinect chip supplier PrimeSense

Taiwan to probe Apple's handset business practices

14 June, 2013

Fair trade agency to investigate terms of carrier deals and whether iPhone maker illegally influenced pricing

iRadio to debut at WWDC, but no new iPhone

10 June, 2013

Apple users will wait until 2014 for radical smartphone redesign, with this year's conference focusing on software and music

Apple loses in Holland, awaits key ITC ruling

3 June, 2013

US trade commission could set important precedents on how standards-essential patents are treated in law

Apple avoids injunction with ITC ruling

23 April, 2013

US trade commission rules that Motorola Mobility sensor patent, asserted against the iPhone, is invalid

Cirrus woes push Apple shares below $400

18 April, 2013

Latest factor putting pressure on Apple's stock price is an inventory glut at its iPhone audio chip supplier

Smartphone market's profits peaked last year

3 April, 2013

Analyst says Apple will see iPhone profitability fall from 2013, and the rest of the sector will follow its downward trend

Key Apple patent ruled invalid

2 April, 2013

USPTO confirms earlier ruling against bounceback patent, which was key to $1.05bn award against Samsung

Apple pushes for new Samsung trial

28 March, 2013

As the two vendors continue to bicker over last summer's $1.05bn award against Samsung, Apple wants retrial rather than appeal