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French operators can refarm 1.8 GHz for LTE

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Could Qualcomm be acquirer - or prey?

2 August, 2015

If the chip giant decides to break up, Intel could pursue the technology arm, or Qualcomm could go after Nvidia or NXP

Samsung Q2 marred by making too few S6 Edge

30 July, 2015

This is now the seventh successive quarterly decline in profit for the South Korean giant

New Lenovo phone goes straight to consumers

29 July, 2015

The rise of Chinese smartphone manufacturers continues in the US, as Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, has unveiled three new phones. Nota

BlackBerry may launch just one handset a year

24 July, 2015

CEO John Chen is gradually shifting resources to software and security, but won't quite cut the handset ties

Google rumored to want a stake in LG

23 July, 2015

Korean firm denies reports, but shares leap amid deepening cooperation with US giant, on handsets and OLED displays

Silicon Valley sides with Samsung over Apple suits

21 July, 2015

Google, Facebook and others call for all patent infringement damages, dating from the landmark 2012 verdict, to be dropped


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