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UWB's dream is still alive in micro-location

Good technologies often fall foul of the politics of the standards process, but a prime example, UltraWideBand, has reappeared, addressing micro-location issues in the internet of things (IoT). Ire ...

EU averts telecoms trade war with China

21 October, 2014

Dispute over alleged subsidies resolved - deal that pledges fair practices and European access to Chinese standards efforts

Nokia leads ETSI group driving content to the edge

20 October, 2014

Having created Liquid Apps to move service delivery from core to base stations, Nokia aims to drive standards approach with partners

Lenovo to create new smart devices unit

16 October, 2014

Chinese firm to defend itself against rise of Xiaomi and other low cost rivals, with new brand for all kinds of consumer mobile devices

US market misses out on an Iliad shake-up

14 October, 2014

French giant withdraws from attempt to buy T-Mobile after second offer refused, TMO will go it alone for a while

China Mobile in connected car JV with DT

13 October, 2014

The two giant telcos will target huge Chinese auto market, forecasting 68m connected vehicles there by 2018

Nokia Here to be preloaded on Samsung Galaxy

9 October, 2014

First Android implementation of the mapping application comes to Galaxy, pointing to closer anti-Google alliance with Samsung


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