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Bluetooth was created in 1996, and from research at giant Swedish Telecoms supplier Ericsson. It offers a standard way for handsets to share files with one another and with other personal devices and you can “pair” up your devices to swap data. Bluetooth use is growing every year. It uses a short hop, low power radio technology for Personal Area Networking, where multiple devices can swap files with one another. Bluetooth uses 79 single 1 MHz spectrum slices in the 2.4 GHz range, suitable because the signal fades rapidly and has very low penetration, so won’t interfere with other signals. It uses a number of traditional modulation techniques, and switching between these it can support around 1 Mbps or 3 Mbps in an enhanced data mode. The Bluetooth name came from the Norse King Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson who ruled Denmark and Norway about a thousand years ago. Bluetooth is now managed by a 14,000 company strong Special Interest Group of interested companies who oversee development.

WiLan strikes again as trolls lead US litigation

11 December, 2012

Canadian IPR licensing firm targets RIM over use of Bluetooth in BlackBerry products, having sued Apple and HTC last week

Apple iWallet may favor Bluetooth over NFC

24 May, 2012

Analyst believes Apple is making major commitment to Bluetooth Low Energy and cloud payments, weakening NFC

Nokia aims for indoor navigation standards

1 December, 2011

Harnesses new location extension of Bluetooth to bring benefits of location awareness inside

Broadcom wireless gains hides broadband slide

26 October, 2011

Broadcom may be doing better in cellular markets, but its traditional business is economy constrained

Bluetooth targets health monitoring and TV

23 June, 2011

Aims to fend off rival standards in new markets, as Apple and Nordic join the SIG's board

Qualcomm's Peanut targets body area networks

23 September, 2010

Ultra-low power radio technology could go step further than low power Bluetooth

Bluetooth formally adopts low power standard

6 July, 2010

Starts certification for Version 4.0, targeting sensors and low power handsets

Bluetooth to decide on 60GHz standard this month

20 April, 2010

Could strengthen bid for unified platform, especially if SIG chooses WiGig

Wi-Lan on patent warpath again, over Bluetooth

12 April, 2010

Sues 18 PC and handset vendors over IPR formerly held by Metricom

Low energy Bluetooth standard ratified, handsets w

21 December, 2009

The latest branch of the Bluetooth standard has been released, this one for very low power applications such as sensor networks. The pl