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The rise of the smartphone has led to a massive rise in mobile web usage, so the browser is increasingly vital to the success of a handset. The market has come a long way since the early days of WAP and simple browsers like Openwave, and the technologies and vendors have changed too.

To keep track of a rapidly changing area of mobile software, Rethink Wireless provides a single source of news and comment on the ‘browser wars’. It tracks the latest product launches and enhancements as well as which browsers are being adopted by consumers, and by carriers or vendors.

There’s expert commentary on key issues such as browser performance; making browsers usable on low-end phones and connections; and the impact of standards. Major developments include: the debate over the future of plug-ins like Flash, as the industry adopts HTML5, the pros and cons of the WebKit standard, and the creation of a ‘browser-as-OS’, Google’s Chrome OS.

Mozilla and Canonical vye for carrier favors

24 June, 2013

No Nexus-style own-branded smartphone planned for Firefox, as Canonical forms operator steering group for mobile Ubuntu

Nokia in services deal with Bharti

4 April, 2013

Indian giant will sell Nokia web services and browser in its African territories to boost services revenues

Mozilla will not create iOS browser

11 March, 2013

Says Apple's restrictions would make it impossible to deliver an acceptable Firefox user experience on iDevices

Opera and Google enhance Android browsers

5 March, 2013

Next major release of Opera now in beta on Android, while Google is bringing its SPDY protocol to its mobile OS

Intel buys appMobi team for HMTL5 expertise

23 February, 2013

Smaller firm will now focus only on its cloud services while Intel bids to lead mobile world's shift to web standards

Opera buys Skyfire for video optimization

15 February, 2013

Will pay up to $155m for fellow mobile browser maker, but the video compression software is key to the deal

Opera reaches 300m users and converts to WebKit

13 February, 2013

Embraces Google's favorite standards - V8, Chromium and WebKit - leaving Mozilla and IE isolated in mobile

Opera adds carrier billing to mobile browser

31 January, 2013

Signs deal with digital content provider Neomobile, plans a series of similar alliances to boost m-payments for its user base

Amazon unleashes its latest challenge to iTunes

18 January, 2013

Adds MP3 store optimized for iOS to its CloudPlayer and CloudDrive, also lures Android users with free 50Gbytes

Baidu and Orange sideline Google in Africa

15 January, 2013

Carrier and Chinese search giant create mobile browser which will be preloaded across the Orange footprint in Africa/Middle East