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Qualcomm Q3: immune to smartphone slowdown

25 July, 2013

Chip giant beats forecasts for revenue, profit and selling prices, consolidating dominance of handset sector

Intel CEO promises to accelerate mobile progress

18 July, 2013

As chip giant suffers fourth quarterly sales drop in a row, the need to offset PC decline is becoming critical

Yahoo gains value on belated mobile progress

28 June, 2013

CEO Mayer pins growth plans on revamping Yahoo's key services for smartphones, as advertising share drops

SFR's profits slump in face of French price war

15 May, 2013

As Iliad's Free Mobile unit enters its second year of disrupting the mobile sector, Vivendi unit feels the heat

Smartphones are key driver in Sony's recovery

9 May, 2013

Japanese giant back in profit, credits growing success of Xperia line and targets 42m smartphone sales this year

Positive signs from European majors

9 May, 2013

Deutsche Telekom rides on German and US upturns, while Telefonica improves profits despite continuing pressures

T-Mobile USA makes stock market debut

1 May, 2013

US telecoms market still uncertain as Intel gets behind Softbank in battle for Sprint, and Clearwire accepts more funding

Samsung increases market lead and profits

26 April, 2013

Takes one-third of Q1 smartphone market, as iPhone stagnates, and reports 42% leap in earnings, with Galaxy the top driver

Qualcomm revenues up 24% but cautious outlook

25 April, 2013

Chip giant beats Wall Street forecasts with $6.12bn in quarterly sales, but ASPs under pressure until second half of year

LG ships record smartphone numbers in Q1

24 April, 2013

Long awaited mobile turnaround will be boosted by Optimus G carrier deals, offsetting TV market weakness