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Google was formed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while studying at Stanford University. It was one of the first companies to radically extend 40 year old text retrieval technology to be used over the whole internet. Google was a latecomer in the internet revolution in 1998, going public 6 years later, doing well even though public markets were struggling in the wake of the dotcom bust.

Today Google dominates internet search globally (except in China) and its revenues come largely from paid search services and from its Adsense advertising hosted on other web sites. Google has set about adding many different types of internet traffic, all monetized through advertising, such as web mail (Gmail), VoIP client (GoogleTalk), YouTube (which it acquired) and its own browser (Chrome). It is already dominant in search on handsets and in seeking to extend this in 2005 it decided to create a mobile operating system derived from Linux called Android, for smartphones and tablets. Today more smartphones are being sold using Android than any other operating system, having recently overtaken Nokia’s Symbian, and Apple’s iOS.

Google to enhance gaming in Play

13 May, 2013

With Sony, Microsoft and Amazon working on mobile games platforms, Google+ is key weapon to boost search player's brand

New Android complaint in Europe

9 April, 2013

Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, others raise complaint that Android is a Trojan horse for Google Apps

Google ready to buy WhatsApp

8 April, 2013

Google responds to Facebook Home by beefing up its messaging strategy

Google Translate for gets offline translations

28 March, 2013

Results may not be as accurate but still helpful to tourists without a data connection

Google tests white spaces in South Africa

26 March, 2013

Trial uses gaps in TV spectrum to bring wireless broadband to schools, aiming to push regulatory change

Android and Chrome will not merge, says Schmidt

22 March, 2013

Google chairman denies two key reports, that the two OSs are converging and that Google Now has been barred from iOS App Store

More hints that Google Now is on its way to iOS

22 March, 2013

Eric Schmidt suggests that Android's digital assistant is just waiting for Apple's blessing

Android and Chrome confirmed to remain separate

21 March, 2013

However there'll be an increasing number of similarities between the two

Feedly takes in over 500,000 Google Reader users

18 March, 2013

RSS reader for browsers and mobile devices gets userbase boost

Google Now may be headed to iOS

13 March, 2013

Leaked video suggests that the digital assistant will attack Siri on its own turf