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VoLTE will not be the cellcos' savior

Anyone who is getting caught up in the current enthusiasm for VoLTE should stop and think about Facebook. Facebook may have paid a massive price for WhatsApp, but it now has a messaging service with h ...

HTC turns tables on Samsung in Q2

8 July, 2014

As Korean leader issues shock warning of 24.5% drop in operating profit, HTC turns in 80% leap in net income

Ericsson adds crowdsourcing to smart city program

4 July, 2014

Swedish giant extends Networked Society Index with interactive website and social media data

Qualcomm promises WiGig handsets with 4K video

3 July, 2014

Confirms purchase of 60GHz specialist Wilocity and announces integrated Snapdragon platform

Small cells recast for reaching remote communities

2 July, 2014

RealWireless argues that 'meadowcells' can halve the cost per person of deploying rural mobile broadband

'5G': new mobile technologies just a sideshow

2 July, 2014

Ericsson's demo is impressive, but Cambridge conference highlights the far bigger challenges for mobile evolution

Qualcomm buys Black Sand to strengthen RF offering

30 June, 2014

Chip giant pushes further into RF front end space, following launch of RF360, but may also have its eye on patents


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