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iOS is a revolutionary operating system, synonymous with the iPhone, carved by Apple out of its Mac OS X operating system, which itself came from original Unix code. It now runs on both the iPhone and iPad ranges and owes some of its origins to BSD Unix with extensions from NeXTSTEP, a company ran by Apple founder Steve Jobs. iOS was a direct subset of Mac OS X, reduced in footprint in 2007 to fit the iPhone, with the addition of multiple touch, finger inputs on a touch screen. It is layered, with a core OS, services layer, media layer and touch controls. Apple does not license iOS for third-party hardware. Version 4 emerged in April 2010 when multitasking, threaded email and some business function were added. It is important Rethink Wireless covers every move Apple makes with iOS, as it is the basis of its famous App Store.

Apple buys brace of mapping companies

22 July, 2013

With iOS Maps still trailing Google's rival, vendor boosts public transit data with HopStop and big data with Locationary

iRadio to debut at WWDC, but no new iPhone

10 June, 2013

Apple users will wait until 2014 for radical smartphone redesign, with this year's conference focusing on software and music

Facebook could bring Home to iOS

16 April, 2013

Social networker in talks with Apple and Microsoft about taking its software beyond Android, but will have to make compromises

Atari co-founder predicts decline of mobile games

27 March, 2013

Claims Google Glass is the future

Facebook delivers free VoIP to UK Messenger users

25 March, 2013

Only available for iOS at the moment though

Amazon Web Services goes mobile

25 March, 2013

AWS advertises for engineer for new iOS/Android initiative, further mobile elements could follow for cloud platform

Apple buys location specialist WiFiSlam

25 March, 2013

California start-up could boost iOS's positioning capabilities, supporting more accurate location indoors

Android and Chrome will not merge, says Schmidt

22 March, 2013

Google chairman denies two key reports, that the two OSs are converging and that Google Now has been barred from iOS App Store

iOS 6.1.3 kills Evasi0n jailbreak

20 March, 2013

Latest update thwarts hackers, fixes lockscreen security bug

Nike reveals chosen few for Accelerator program

19 March, 2013

10 companies announced that will help the Nike+ ecosystem to evolve