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When Apple launched its first handset, the original iPhone, in 2007, it changed the rules of the cellphone game. The iPhone brought Apple’s legendary design and marketing prowess to shake up the smartphone space, which at that time was very new. Apple was not the first to launch phones with touchscreens, integrated application stores and innovative user interfaces, but the iPhone made these features into smartphone essentials. Most vendors copied its hallmarks, and those which did not do this effectively – notably Nokia – found themselves out of fashion. The iPhone has propelled Apple into the top three in the smartphone market and top five in handsets overall, though it is now under intense pressure from models running Android. As well as popularizing the touchscreen and app store, the iPhone was significant for the exclusive deals Apple signed with some early carriers, notably AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK. These operators gained high growth in subscriber numbers and ARPU because of their deals, though they came at the cost of hefty subsidies. Nearly all the exclusives have now ended, and Verizon Wireless launched its own iPhone in 2011.

Apple to create 150Mbps iPhone for SKT?

3 July, 2013

With next iPhone likely to arrive in September, company needs a radical update to reawaken enthusiasm

Taiwan to probe Apple's handset business practices

14 June, 2013

Fair trade agency to investigate terms of carrier deals and whether iPhone maker illegally influenced pricing

iRadio to debut at WWDC, but no new iPhone

10 June, 2013

Apple users will wait until 2014 for radical smartphone redesign, with this year's conference focusing on software and music

Missing iPhone deal is Otellini's greatest regret

17 May, 2013

Newly retired Intel CEO says he failed to see the volume potential of the iPhone, and "passing on" the contract

Cirrus woes push Apple shares below $400

18 April, 2013

Latest factor putting pressure on Apple's stock price is an inventory glut at its iPhone audio chip supplier

Europe needs a cheaper iPhone says Orange CEO

5 April, 2013

Stephane Richard says consumers are getting more price sensitive and a declining number can afford a top end iPhone

Smartphone market's profits peaked last year

3 April, 2013

Analyst says Apple will see iPhone profitability fall from 2013, and the rest of the sector will follow its downward trend

T-Mobile USA offers iPhone instalment plan

27 March, 2013

'Simple Choice' undercuts Apple and ditches subsidies, iPhone 5 to arrive on April 12

Apple hires former critic, Adobe's CTO

20 March, 2013

Kevin Lynch leaves Adobe after eight years to become VP of technology in Apple's software group

Apple to use Snapdragon in 'iPhone mini'?

11 March, 2013

Chinese reports suggest the firm could turn to Qualcomm to reduce cost in the rumored entry level iPhone