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Linux shares antecedents with Apple’s iOS, because it is an attempt, similar to BSD, to create an entirely free version of Unix. It dates back to the 80s, but was pulled together by a kernel added by young Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds in 1991. Prior to Torvalds’ involvement, other programmers had created libraries, compilers, editors and a windowing system under the GNU General Public License. Since around 2003 handset makers have been tireless in their attempts to reduce Linux to an embedded version which fits onto a phone, with the LiMo Foundation and MeeGo being the best thought of. But it has been Google’s Android which has dominated, which relies on the Dalvik Java Virtual Machine sitting above Linux, published as Open Source under the Apache license. Rethink Wireless notes there are moves by rivals to re-interpret Applications for this Virtual Machine code for other operating environments and is following this debate closely.

HP and Mozilla take on smartphone challenge

2 July, 2013

Telefonica launches first Firefox phone in Spain this week, while HP reported to be preparing first handset since Palm failure

Mozilla and Canonical vye for carrier favors

24 June, 2013

No Nexus-style own-branded smartphone planned for Firefox, as Canonical forms operator steering group for mobile Ubuntu

Samsung will have Tizen smartphones by September

18 March, 2013

Already has NTT Docomo and Orange to launch a high end smartphone running the Linux OS

Wind River boosts Intel's communications story

21 February, 2013

Chip giant's real time Linux unit promises performance boost and traffic intelligence for Intel comms processors

Ubuntu outlines tablet plans, Tizen 2.0 released

20 February, 2013

Two candidates to be the mainstream mobile OS for post-PC devices take steps towards commercial reality

Developer preview of mobile Ubuntu due this week

18 February, 2013

Just six weeks after Canonical unveiled its mobile OS plan, it will release preview on Nexus devices

Telefonica to unveil first Firefox handsets

22 January, 2013

To show off two Mozilla-powered models from Geeksphone of Spain at developer event in Brazil this month

Crowd-funded dual-booting PengPod ships in January

4 December, 2012

Budget tablet confirmed to be arriving early next year, will run Android and Linux

Sailfish and Firefox OS poised to take on Android

22 November, 2012

Finnish start-up Jolla shows user interface for its MeeGo-based system, while Mozilla's offering will reach handsets in early 2013

Samsung reported to be readying first Tizen phone

26 September, 2012

Wi-Fi Alliance certification indicates that the Linux-based OS will run on a variant of the Galaxy S III