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China casts dark shadow over Qualcomm's outlook

Qualcomm's quarterly cycle this year is becoming predictable - it warns of problems ahead in China, then delivers strong results anyway. Three months ago, it reported solid performance for its fiscal ...

Facebook's growth driven by mobile ad boom

24 July, 2014

Takes some share from Google as its firms up its business model, focusing on quality and differentiation

Flurry may help Yahoo make gold from mobile-first

22 July, 2014

Online firm still struggling to turn mobile strategy into tangible growth, buys analytics firm Flurry to aid the process

Huawei's growth outpacing Ericsson's this year

21 July, 2014

As one report says the Chinese firm has overtaken the leader in carrier networks, Ericsson benefits from shift to capacity

Intel has lost $2bn in mobile so far this year

17 July, 2014

Q2 results show resilience in PCs, growth in Chromebooks, but continuing struggle to turn mobile processors into profits

Nadella steers away from 'devices and services'

15 July, 2014

Major job cuts loom, including in former Nokia business, as CEO puts cloud first, and chases new productivity

Sprint reaches deal for TMo, but regulators beckon

15 July, 2014

Reports say Sprint/Softbank will pay $16bn for most of Deutsche Telekom's stake in TMo, but long review process lies ahead


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