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Mobile & Wireless Applications

Applications have become the most important decider of which smartphone and carrier a consumer will choose. The number and range of mobile apps on a phone, and the ease of using them, are even more important than the price and hardware design, according to many consumers. This makes it essential to understand the rapidly evolving world of mobile software.

Rethink Wireless provides daily coverage of every aspect of the mobile applications market. It selects and highlights the most significant new products and developments and provides expert analysis of why they will impact the user experience and the business model.

Key areas of coverage include the battle between the app stores; the race between different mobile operating systems like Android and iOS; and the creation of many new user interfaces to enhance the consumer experience. Other important topics include the main development platforms and tools, and the vendors’ initiatives to attract as many apps partners as possible.

Nokia: dumping hardware, opening up software

9 July, 2013

Handset maker to offer key navigation services on rivals' WP8 devices, as details of cancelled WRT tablet surface

Carlos Slim invests in Shazam

8 July, 2013

As the race for the hottest mobile media players heats up, Mexican magnate boosts music app's TV identification efforts

Yahoo gains value on belated mobile progress

28 June, 2013

CEO Mayer pins growth plans on revamping Yahoo's key services for smartphones, as advertising share drops

IBM and AT&T partner on app efficiency

6 June, 2013

Combine carrier's optimizing tool for mobile apps with IT giant's development platform

Google to enhance gaming in Play

13 May, 2013

With Sony, Microsoft and Amazon working on mobile games platforms, Google+ is key weapon to boost search player's brand

B&N turns to Google, not Microsoft, for apps base

3 May, 2013

Nook tablets will now feature full access to Google Play, ignoring ties with B&N's digital partner Microsoft

Facebook could bring Home to iOS

16 April, 2013

Social networker in talks with Apple and Microsoft about taking its software beyond Android, but will have to make compromises

New Android complaint in Europe

9 April, 2013

Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, others raise complaint that Android is a Trojan horse for Google Apps

Google ready to buy WhatsApp

8 April, 2013

Google responds to Facebook Home by beefing up its messaging strategy

Google Translate for gets offline translations

28 March, 2013

Results may not be as accurate but still helpful to tourists without a data connection