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Nokia is the largest handset vendor in the world, but has been losing market share as it is squeezed at one end by smartphone specialists like Apple, and at the other by ultra-low cost cellphone makers, especially from China. The Finnish firm has adopted some radical moves in 2011 to try to reverse the decline in its share, which had peaked around 40%. These included sidelining its own operating systems, Symbian and MeeGo, and embracing Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 instead. Its first WP7 devices will appear in late 2011 but in the meantime the firm has a difficult transition period to endure. It has embarked on a cost cutting program, and is relying on its strengths in emerging markets to see it through, with phones running Symbian or Series 40, the low end platform. Nokia has been divesting non-handset businesses, notably its wireless infrastructure arm, which it placed in a joint venture with Siemens, and its modem unit, sold to Renesas. It has moved away from its traditional Finnish executive profile and appointed a North American CEO, Stephen Elop, from Microsoft.

Nokia brings world-leading camera to Lumia at last

12 July, 2013

Lumia 1020 will launch in US as AT&T exclusive, boasting 41-megapixels and cutting edge imaging functions

Nokia: dumping hardware, opening up software

9 July, 2013

Handset maker to offer key navigation services on rivals' WP8 devices, as details of cancelled WRT tablet surface

Microsoft and Nokia converge in screen size

19 April, 2013

Windows giant's CFO almost confirms rumors of a 7-inch Surface, while Nokia said to be readying a WP8 phablet

Nokia aims to bring PureView to WP8

16 April, 2013

Finnish firm's upcoming flagship, Eos, reported to include its 41-megapixel camera technology and four-core processor

Nokia in services deal with Bharti

4 April, 2013

Indian giant will sell Nokia web services and browser in its African territories to boost services revenues

Nokia risks missing large-screen boat

2 April, 2013

Having spotted clamshells and touchscreens too late, Finnish firm's latest problem lies in devices of 5-inches or above

Nokia transfers memory patents to holding firm

26 March, 2013

Finnish giant places 125 patents, 81 of them claiming to be standards-essential, in new unit of Helsinki-based Pendrell

Nokia shows Instagram some love

8 March, 2013

Steps up the efforts to get the app onto Windows Phone

Nokia takes Apple's side in patent fight

8 March, 2013

Finnish firm says US court denial of injunction against Samsung risks subjecting inventors to "compulsory licensing scheme"

Nokia Lumia to gain 41mp camera this summer?

4 February, 2013

Vendor expected to bring its Pureview technology, seen in last ever Symbian device, to Lumia range at MWC