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An important change in the mobile market recently has been the adoption of fully fledged operating systems and software platforms. Once reserved for PCs, these have found their way into the smartphone, which now accounts for almost half of handset sales. In turn, this has led to a battle between different software platforms and their key supporters.

Initially it was all about Symbian, with some challenge from Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Then Apple changed the rules with iPhone and iOS, and Google with Android. And now a range of new platforms is looking to grab share including: MeeGo, Chrome OS, Windows Phone 7, RIM INQ, HP/Palm webOS, Symbian^3 and Samsung bada.

To help make sense of this complicated market Rethink Wireless provides daily news updates on all the key elements of the new platforms, and the user experiences and services they enable. We use our industry knowledge to highlight the most significant developments, and provide expert insight and commentary.

Apple buys brace of mapping companies

22 July, 2013

With iOS Maps still trailing Google's rival, vendor boosts public transit data with HopStop and big data with Locationary

Samsung hedges its OS bets with latest ATIV

24 June, 2013

New ATIV Q tablet supports both Windows 8 and Android, but its real attraction lies in high resolution display

Facebook CEO seeks Samsung alliance

19 June, 2013

Zuckerberg meets handset giant's president, reportedly to discuss ways to boost mobile advertising sales

iRadio to debut at WWDC, but no new iPhone

10 June, 2013

Apple users will wait until 2014 for radical smartphone redesign, with this year's conference focusing on software and music

Qualcomm and Verizon boost Android security

15 May, 2013

Chip giant partners with Kaspersky to preinstall antivirus tools, while Verizon and VMware support secure business profile

Google to enhance gaming in Play

13 May, 2013

With Sony, Microsoft and Amazon working on mobile games platforms, Google+ is key weapon to boost search player's brand

Lenovo to launch smartphones in Nigeria this year

13 May, 2013

Chinese vendor looks for growth by bypassing cellcos and stealing a march on Samsung in 'open' African economies

B&N turns to Google, not Microsoft, for apps base

3 May, 2013

Nook tablets will now feature full access to Google Play, ignoring ties with B&N's digital partner Microsoft

ZTE is Microsoft's twentieth Android licensee

24 April, 2013

Windows giant signs patent deal with Chinese handset maker, claims to have signed up makers of 80% of US Android devices

Alibaba revives its Google-free Android OS

17 April, 2013

Renames its platform Amos and announces five partners, targeting growing market of low cost Chinese suppliers