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Spectrum & Regulation News

Among the most complex and rapidly changing areas of the wireless industry are spectrum policy and regulatory policies. These will shape which services and business models we will use in future, and so everyone in the market needs a clear overview of key developments.

To understand how the mobile world will develop, and which players will succeed, it is vital to know which spectrum will be available in different regions, and which operators will control it. This can be difficult and time consuming to track, but Rethink Wireless provides a day-to-day update on the latest decisions and events.

We follow all the auctions of spectrum for 3G and 4G round the world and help understand which operators will be best placed to compete, and which technologies they will use. We also cover policies for new spectrum bands, the complicated worlds of regulatory policy and lobbying, and the implications of decisions from agencies like the US FCC.

Russia revives notion of shared 4G network

9 July, 2013

Ministry proposes taking back LTE spectrum from four main operators, to create state-owned, wholesale system

Sprint set to win twin deals next week

5 July, 2013

FCC said to vote in favor of Softbank buying 78% stake, key Clearwire shareholder backs Sprint's offer

Taiwan to probe Apple's handset business practices

14 June, 2013

Fair trade agency to investigate terms of carrier deals and whether iPhone maker illegally influenced pricing

Central site database needed for UK LTE

29 May, 2013

Actix joins call for government to ease planning regulations for small cell sites, or risk slowing pace of 4G

UAE takes lead in sub-1GHz LTE bands

24 May, 2013

Regulator to open up 700MHz as well as 800MHz spectrum to boost coverage, setting pattern ro EMEA region

UK could relax planning laws to speed LTE

9 May, 2013

New proposals support small cells and shared RAN, but also make it easier to add 4G kit to existing sites

One-third of Australia's 700MHz spectrum unsold

7 May, 2013

New mobile entrant TNG wins frequencies in dual-band auction, but VHA stays out, leaving treasury with shortfall

Tom Wheeler tipped as next FCC chief

1 May, 2013

Agency won't confirm yet, but veteran wireless executive, lobbyist and entrepreneur is reported to be Obama's choice

UK could get commercial white spaces apps in 2014

29 April, 2013

Regulator Ofcom announces significant trials using the unlicensed spectrum, which should pave way to commercial offerings

Dish plays national security card against Softbank

22 April, 2013

Pay-TV provider petitions FCC to delay any ruling until Sprint has decided between its two suitors