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TD-SCMDA is a 3G technology used so far only in China, and is a Time Division synchronous version of CDMA, the code division multiple access protocol which, in different variants, forms the basis of all 3G cellular technologies. TD-SCDMA can dynamically adjust the number of timeslots used for downlink and uplink, which makes it strong for broadband, when users are often uploading data. TD-SCDMA was designed with help from Germany’s Siemens and by Chinese interests. The largest cellular operator in the world by subscriber numbers, China Mobile, operates the only TD-SCDMA network, while its local rivals us W-CDMA and CDMA 2000 networks, so all three major technologies are represented in China. Eventually all of these networks are likely to move to LTE. TD-SCDMA was first proposed in 2006, but first implemented in 2009 and by 2011 it had just 20 million of its 600 million customers using TD-SCDMA.

Competition squeezes China Mobile's profit

15 March, 2013

World's largest cellco sees declining profit growth in 2012, and its lowest revenue rise for three years

MediaTek aims to beat Qualcomm in quad-core

13 December, 2012

Taiwanese giant sampling four-core smartphone processor with integrated modem, will ship ahead of market leader

China Mobile expands LTE and adds 3G femtocells

22 May, 2012

Creates joint laboratory with processor provider Mindspeed to accelerate commercial roll-out of small cells

STE gains first breakthrough for NovaThor

27 September, 2011

Has major design win at last, with HTC and China Mobile, while AMD hovers in the mobile wings

Marvell scores in China with Asus smartphones

25 February, 2011

First fruits of its investment in the TD-SCDMA and oPhone platforms, targeting affordable 3G devices

China Mobile seeks supporters for OMS

13 December, 2010

Establishes Innovation Alliance to support its Android variant and expand its ecosystem

China Mobile prepares last round of 3G awards

19 May, 2010

Ericsson expects up to 10% of new deals, Huawei could seize lead spot

Ericsson enlists Datang for TD-LTE drive

21 April, 2010

Partnership boosts Swede's bid for greater Chinese 3G share, in blow to ALU

Chinese users resistant to 3G's charms

14 April, 2010

New services are unnecessary and expensive, says survey

Spreadtrum gains profile on new investment

26 March, 2010

Private equity firm Silver Lake takes stake in Chinese fabless baseband player, riding 3G growth.