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LTE will bring no truce in India's price wars

Mobile operators who deployed LTE early quickly concluded that the honeymoon period, when 4G would command a premium, would be very brief. In many later markets, it will not exist at all. Forget 4G pr ...

Tablet boom ends as PCs refuses to go quietly

26 November, 2014

IDC predicts just 7% shipments growth in 2014, compared to 52% last year, and iPads will slip by almost 13%

Xiaomi takes a dose of reality in global plans

26 November, 2014

Chinese company will confine 2014's smartphone launches to five, not 10, new markets, targeting India but not Brazil or Russia (yet)

Zigbee creates single standard at last

24 November, 2014

Personal area network standard has suffered from multiple profiles, now release 3.0 creates a harmonized platform and ecosystem

Google Play woos Chinese apps despite censors

20 November, 2014

For the first time, developers can have revenues from the app store transferred to mainland Chinese bank accounts

Ericsson's home town tops its smart city table

17 November, 2014

Europe shines - Stockholm ranks highest in Networked Society City Index, followed by London and Paris

Carrier slowdown drags Cisco down in Q1

13 November, 2014

CEO says transition to software networking is a success, but operator spending will take several quarters to pick up


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