Motorola Razr i variant confirmed for China

Handset expanding its global reach, albeit with a facelift, after going on sale in US and Europe


Published: 19 November, 2012

It's already been released in the US and Europe, as the Razr M and Razr i, but now Motorola's first Intel-powered handset is headed to China. It was only a matter of time before the device made its way further across the world and China Telecom is confirmed to be carrying it, starting next month, though there's no indication yet of how much it's going to cost.

Compared to its international relative the Razr i, or Razr i MT788 as it's going to be known when it gets there, it looks significantly different. However its appearance should be familiar to China Telecom customers as it offers the same form factor to another Motorola device already available from the carrier.

Inside there are a few more changes though at its heart it's still the same phone. As with the other variants it's packing an Intel Atom 2GHz Z2480 processor, a 4.3" display with a 960x540 resolution, and a rear-facing 8mp camera. It's also still set to ship with Android 4.0 installed.

In some areas the specs have been downscaled so instead of 8GB of built-in storage there's 4GB (though it still offers a microSD card slot for expansion) and the battery is no longer 2000mAh but 1735mAh. However the front-facing camera has been boosted with a resolution of 1.3mp compared to 0.3mp before.

While it's going to be arriving in mid-December a more exact release date has yet to be confirmed. The Razr i might not be the best spec'd handset out there but has so far proven itself to be an affordable device for what it offers. Currently it's available for $99 on a two-year contract from Verizon in the US or free on a contract in the UK. Off-contract it can be purchased for $549.99 or around £340 in the UK.